Twisted wires and red hearts inspires love and passion.
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The "HEART OF ALICE" collection is the first collection that was born ten years ago for an exhibition entitled "ALICE ALLO SPECCHIO". The necklace is a chain made up of empty hearts in oxidized copper and a single full, concave and enamelled red heart.
From here the round neck version, the earrings, the ring, the bracelet and the brooch.
Main materials: enamelled silver and copper.

Cuore Ring

Band ring in silver, open and adjustable. The small heart, in enamelled copper and lightly concave, creates motion and a nice play of light while the band wraps softly the finger.
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Cuore Earrings

Oxidized and enamelled finish earrings in copper. Slightly concave and oblong shape for this special small hearts. Back bullet clutch
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