Terms and conditions of sale

General Sales Conditions for Purchasing VPMDESIGN S.R.L. products

These general sales conditions are applied for purchasing products promoted through the website www.valentinalagana.it, property VPMDESIGN S.R.L., Piazza Maria Teresa 3, 10123 Turin, Italy.
Products distributed by VPMDESIGN S.R.L. through its website www.valentinalagana.it (hereinafter “website”) are made up in particular of jewels and art objects.
Terms and Conditions for purchasing products offered by VPMDESIGN S.R.L. through the website are contained in these General Conditions.
The products offer of VPMDESIGN S.R.L. is aimed at both consumer users and other users. For consumer users ("Consumer /s") is meant those who purchase the products. The General Conditions are available in english or italian

Purchase methods of the Products – Stipulation of the Sales Agreement

The visual representation of the products on the website, if it is available, generally corresponds to the photographic images of the same, and it is intended solely to feature them for sale, without any warranty or implicit or explicit commitment by VPMDESIGN SRL about the exact correspondence of the image depicted on the website with the actual product, especially with regard to its size and / or the chromatic aspects of covers and / or packaging.
The publication of the products on the website is an invitation to users to formulate to VPMDESIGN S.R.L. a purchase proposal. Each purchase order transmitted by the Customer to the Seller constitute an integral part of a purchase proposal (hereinafter the "Order") and constitutes a specific acceptance of these General Sales Conditions.
In the formulation phase of the Order and subsequently it is possible for the Customer to change the information entered in the appropriate data entry mask at any time. If a particular product should be presented on the website in any different area than those intended for purchase, or, however, it is not possible to select the "Proceed to Purchase" icon, it shall be considered as not available for sale. The Customer will formerly review the data entered in the Order, then confirm it and transmit it to VPMDESIGN S.R.L. clicking on "Proceed to Purchase". Before purchasing the Customer will need to read and agree to the General Terms and Sales Conditions as well as the Specific Conditions where applicable.
Once received the Order, VPMDESIGN S.R.L. automatically sends the receiving receipt email to the Customer containing the Order's details and all purchase data, namely the type of product required and the related costs. VPMDESIGN S.R.L. has the right to accept or not the Order received. In case of non-acceptance, the Customer shall not have rights or claims against VPMDESIGN S.R.L. to any title. The sales contract shall be deemed to have been concluded (s) at the time of the acceptance of the Order by VPMDESIGN S.R.L. sent to the customer's email address (s) namely tacitly if it expired 48 hours after receipt of the Order (the "Sale Agreement").
After sent the Order's acceptance, VPMDESIGN S.R.L. will provide to the delivery of the selected products and communicate it to the Customer by e-mail.
VPMDESIGN S.R.L. will file each Sale Agreement through an electronic system. The Sale Agreement can be viewed, where necessary, by the staff of VPMDESIGN S.R.L. and by any third party whom VPMDESIGN S.R.L. will use for the execution of the Sales Contract.

Product Price VPMDESIGN S.R.L. - Availability of products

Prices published on website or in the various sections of the website dedicated to each single product include V.A.T. and do not include any taxes, duties and taxes applicable in the country of destination of products where this is different from Italy. These costs, different for any country, are in charge to the Customer, who has the burden of checking the amount at the competent customs authorities.
At the price of the individual product, the cost of each shipment must be added, the amount of which may vary according to the delivery, to the payment methods and to the country of destination. The total amount due for the selected products will be clearly indicated and communicated to the Customer prior to the conclusion of the Sales Contract.

Prices on the website are subject to possible variations and / or modifications by VPMDESIGN S.R.L. without any prior notice to the Customer. Such increases may depend also on the increases decided by the suppliers of VPMDESIGN S.R.L ..To the Sale Contracts concluded prior to the publication of the above mentioned modifications, but still under way, the current prices at the time of receipt of the Order will be applied.

Payment Methods

Payments executing Sales Contracts can be made by credit card, or using the PayPal system. At the time the Order is formulated, the Customer is required to indicate the chosen payment method.
If the Customer decides to purchase the products by paying the price by credit card or Pay Pal, the total amount due for each Sales Contract will be charged at the end of the VPMDESIGN S.R.L. ordering process. VPMDESIGN S.R.L. reserves the right to request the Customer, at any time, to submit additional information and / or documents proving the ownership of the credit card used for the completion of the Sales Contract. Should Customer fail to comply with the requirements, VPMDESIGN S.R.L. reserves the right not to accept the Order, or to withdraw from the advanced Sales Agreement, by giving the Customer a prompt notice to the e-mail address indicated in the Order.

Payment through Paypal will be redirected to the PayPal website, where the transfer procedures of the amount due to VPMDESIGN S.R.L. can be finalized. Customer financial data will be managed directly by Paypal and will not be shared with VPMDESIGN SRL. Each Sales Agreement will be charged at the end of the order process.

Communications and Complaints

All communications or any claims against VPMDESIGN S.R.L. must be addressed to VPMDESIGN S.R.L. Customer Service

Intellectual Property Rights

The Customer declares and acknowledges that all trademarks, designs, models, distinctive signs, intellectual property, software and databases, or any other intellectual and industrial property right accessible to and / or reproduced on the website in any way and / or form, here included the trademark Valentina Laganà are exclusively owned by VPMDESIGN S.R.L.
VPMDESIGN S.R.L. does not however respond to intellectual property rights relating to the products for sale whose owners are expressly indicated therein. Any use of Intellectual Property Rights in any form and / or form, in whole or in part, is prohibited without the prior written permission of VPMDESIGN S.R.L. or its licensors.

Relevant legislation – Competent Court

These General Terms and Conditions are governed by Italian law as well as each Sales Agreement and are subject to Italian jurisdiction. Any dispute concerning the General Conditions or the Sales Contracts or its interpretation shall be decided exclusively in the jurisdiction of the Forum of Turin, without prejudice to the application of the mandatory rules of law protecting Consumers.

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